Pubiwayliker APK Download Free Indonesia Auto Liker App For Android

Pubiwayliker APK download for your android and tablet phones to increase free and auto likes on your photos and videos. Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, billions and trillions of the people from all around the world are using Facebook every day. People are uploading photos of special moments, videos of different events and updating status. After all of social sharing, they are waiting for fellow users to react to their uploaded items. Some people are getting an amazing response from friends and followers and some people are not getting enough response. People who are not getting impressive response from others are using alternative ways to show some social personality of them. Those alternative ways are Auto liker software Such as Pubiwayliker APK.

pubiwayliker apk Indonesia auto likerDescription For Pubiwayliker APK:

This Auto Liker App is developed by the Indonesian developers that's why Pubiwayliker is also known as Indonesia Auto Liker App. Basically, this is an automatic software which allows you to increase the number of likes, reaction, and comments on your Facebook photos and videos. This is different from other Auto Liker Apps because this app has some interesting features. Other Popular Fb Auto Liker Apps are getting likes from random peoples but if you are using the Pubiwayliker app you can get likes from a specific country. This is one of the most popular features of this app which makes it one of the most popular auto Liker apps for Facebook. 
You can get likes from only female or male users, there are more features are also available in this App. Before downloading the Pubiwayliker APK file, take a look at the features.

Features of Pubiwayliker APK:

There are special tools and features are available in Pubiwayliker which will be surprising to you if you have used FB Auto Liker Apps before. Because these features are not available on any other Facebook Auto lIker App. Even these tools and features are not available in other Indonesia Auto Liker App Apps such as IndoLiker APK. Read more about the features and tools of these Indonesian Auto Liker Apps.
  • Pubiwayliker is one and only Auto Liker App which allows you to get likes from a specific gender.
  • You can get Likes from females Fb users or Male users.
  • Get Likes from Specific region or country.
  • Likes from Thailand.
  • Special likes from Indonesian girls.
  • Likes from India or Bangladesh.
Pubiwayliker is easy to use and simple to understand. You just need to download the APK file and install it properly on your device to run it.  Simply log in to your account and generate an access token. Use your token to access the tools. Select photos or video where you want to increase likes.
Pubiwayliker is working only on public photos and your age must be more than 18 to use it. You need to set your FB timeline privacy into public because this app is increasing likes from those peoples who do not add with you. So you must allow people to follow you.
Now you are about to download Pubiwayliker  APK file. The download links are below tap on the link and get the APK file.
File Details:
App Name: Pubiwayliker 
APK SIze: 865 KB
Version: Updated
Price: Free
Download LInks:
Pubiwayliker APK Latest Version>>  Download

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