YoLiker APK v1.6.1 (Latest) Free Facebook Auto Liker App Download For Android

yoliker apk facebook auto liker app
YoLiker APK - Facebook Auto Liker app is one of the latest Android software which allows you to maintain your Facebook profile in a smart way. People from all around the world are using this App to get some joy on social media site. The best and most attracted enjoyment on social media sites are the likes, comments, and reactions we are getting from our fellow users on photos videos and others things. Some peoples are living like a king on Facebook with a huge number of likes and comments on their photos and videos but in a real world, they are common peoples. But it's not possible for everyone to get lots of likes so people are using other ways to be fit with others on Facebook. And other ways are Facebook Auto Liker Apps and YoLiker APK is one of those Auto Liker Apps.

YoLiker APK Description:

The basic purpose and aim of the YoLiker developers are to provide an alternate way for peoples who are not able to get lots of likes. The successfully did it with a bang, This App is doing what it says in the fast and super way. Each and every user of this App are satisfied with the outstanding performance of this Amazing android software. With YoLiker App you can get more and more likes for free. The App is increasing the reactions to your photos automatically. All the likes and comments are getting from the real and registered Facebook users.  You can get more than 200+ likes in a single submit without wasting so much time and money.
So many people are not believing that Facebook Auto Liker Apps are actually working, but you have to believe it that this FB Liker App is one of the best and 100% working Auto Liker App available for the android users. YoLiker App is Collecting likes from the people who are using it and all of this is auto.  You just need to download YOLiker APK and install it on your phone.

Features of YoLiker APK:

IF you are searching for the easiest alternate way to gain fame on Facebook than this is the best option for you because this app has some amazing feature which will increase your popularity graph on Facebook. Some amazing features are listed below.
  • Free and real Likes on all public shares on Facebook.
  • Real and registered users.
  • Your Information on this auto lIker App is safe and secure.
  • Virus free and not scam.
  • Submit your selected photo, again and again, and get Unlimited likes.
  • Free comments.
  • Working on all Public photos and videos.
  • Easy and simple for users.

How to Install and Use YoLiker APK:

The App is not affiliated with any official site so you have to change some setting on your phone before installing it. Follow the steps below to install YoLiker APK on your phone.
  1. Open phone Settings.
  2. Tap on App settings.
  3. Allow third-party Apps to install on your device.
  4. That's it, Now you can install the APK file.
How To Use:
If you have used Facebook Auto Liker Apps before this App then you will not face any issue during use time. Becue All most all facebook Liker Apps are working in the same way. As AppLiker APK this App is also working only on Public photos and videos. So follow the below step to get likes on your photos and videos.
  1. Log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Make sure your facebook timeline privacy is public and you allowed people to follow you.
  3. Make Sure your photo is shared with public otherwise YoLiker well not able to increase likes.
  4. Select Photo or video on which you want to get likes.
  5. Submit the desired photo or video to auto Liker App and wait for few seconds.
  6. Now you can see the increased likes on your photo.
Now You are about to download Auto Liker APK. the download link for the APK File is below tap on the link and get FB Liker APK. If you are interested to download more similar Liker Apps than you are welcome in Top Auto Liker Apps site. You can download Free Liker Apps such as IndoLiker APK and much more.
File Details:
App Name: YoLiker
APK Size: 4.33 MB
Price: Free
Download Links:
YoLiker APK v1.6.1>> Download

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